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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Internship Queries

Below are answers to a list of frequently asked questions on the Internship program at the Faculty of Business and Information Technology, If you find the information you need is not provided or is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

For ease of reference, click one of the three sections below to quickly jump to your topic of interest. To collapse and/or expand each section, click the plus or minus sign at the end of each question.

  1. Academic Requirements
  2. Program Information
  3. International Internship Information



Academic Requirements

  • What are the internship requirements?

    The internship course has three graded elements of consideration:

    • Weekly Journals - while working on Internship, you will be responsible for posting a weekly journal entry to the Blackboard course site. These are typically 300 – 500 word posts, discussing your work activities and learning that week.
    • Comprehensive Reporting - at the end of the Internship work term, you will prepare and submit a comprehensive report of your experience. The report should summarize your work experience, and contain personal reflections of your experiential learning.
    • Poster Presentation - all interns will present their experience in the form of a research poster expo, normally displayed in the UB atrium at the end of the Internship at a scheduled date and time. You will create a large 2’ (wide) x 3’ (tall) poster to display your Internship experience, and discuss your Internship with the audience in a public forum. Go to Sample Presentation Poster.
  • How do I qualify for the FBIT Internship Program?

    To qualify for the Internship program, you must have successfully met 2nd year core course requirements, achieved a minimum cumulative 3.00 GPA (B average) at the time of hire for Internship placement, and be in good academic standing.

    Note: If you do not meet the requirements, you may still apply! We hold all applications on file and reexamine your cumulative GPA score at the end of each semester to determine your eligibility.

  • How do I apply for the FBIT Internship Program?

    To apply for the FBIT internship program, you are required to do the following:

    1. Access the Internship Application Form online.
    2. Complete the form in its entirety.
    3. Submit and save a copy of the application as PDF for your records.
    4. Upon submission, the student will receive an email confirming receipt of their application.

    Application forms are available at the beginning of September, the start of each new academic school year. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Program Coordinator.

    NOTE: Submission of the application does not guarantee approval or acceptance into the Internship Program. This form only shows your intention to apply for an Internship job during that academic year and is valid from September of the current year until September of the following year.

    For additional information, we urge students to review the Internship Application Toolkit​.

  • Is there a deadline to complete and submit the application form?

    There is no deadline to complete this form; however, for consideration into the program a completed application is required. Upon submission, the Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor will review the application.

    NOTE: Submission of the application does not guarantee approval or acceptance into the Internship Program. Submission of this form expresses your intention to apply ONLY and is valid from September until September of the following year.

  • What happens once my internship application is processed?

    Once your application is processed, only students who applied to the FBIT Internship program will have access to the secure Internship Job Board portal which provides an approved list of Internship jobs available to students. Access to the portal, will require you to register for an account and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B grade level) at the time of application.

    NOTE: If you do not meet the requirements, you may still apply! We hold all applications on file and reexamine your cumulative GPA score at the end of each semester to determine if your eligibility has changed.

  • What happens if after I am hired my cumulative GPA falls below the 3.0 requirement?
    In this case, you are not a registered Intern and the Program Coordinator’s office notifies the employer. This may or may not affect your employment status, as this is dependent on the employer’s policies.
  • When can I complete the internship program?

    To be eligible to complete the Internship program, students have three opportunities to satisfy the requirements, and must have at least one full semester of courses (5 courses) remaining in the final year of their academic program after returning from their Internship work placement.

    The options available to students are as follows:

    • Option 1: After completion of year 2 of their academic program (i.e. after April)
    • Option 2: Any semester during the 3rd year of their academic program
    • Option 3: Prior to the start of the 4th year of their academic program

    Students registered in the final semester of the 4th year of their academic program (i.e. Winter semester) are NOT eligible for Internship work placement.

  • Can I take additional courses while working in my internship placement?
    Students working in the Internship placement can register for one additional (3 credit) course per semester, resulting in a maximum of six credits (i.e. Internship + one additional course per semester).

Program Information

  • Is there a fee or tuition requirement for the internship course?

    The Internship course tuition fee is the 'UOIT Co-op/Intern Fee' of $550 noted on your tuition statement and paid in each semester that you are registered in Internship. For example, if a student starts a 12-month work placement contract beginning in May, he/she would pay the course fee in all three corresponding semesters (summer, fall and winter).

    NOTE: The TELE (mobile learning laptop fee) is not included. If you wish to keep your laptop beyond the normal refresh cycle, you will be responsible for all related fees.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Program Coordinator.

  • Will I get a course credit for the Internship course (BUSI 4996U)?

    Yes. Internship is a fourth year 3-credit graded course (BUSI 4996U). If you are hired and accepted in an Internship greater than 4 months, you will first be registered in a 0-credit course for each semester you are working (BUSI 4997U). In the last semester of your Internship, you will register in the actual graded 3-credit course.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Program Coordinator.

  • Is the Capstone course in fourth year required if I choose to take the internship course?
    No. Once you have successfully completed the Internship course (BUSI 4996U), Capstone (BUSI 4990/4995U) is not a requirement, as the Internship course replaces Capstone. However, you are open to take the Capstone course as a business elective in your fourth year.
  • What are the basic job requirements for approved internship positions?

    In most cases, organizations will generally refer to posted internship positions as 'intern, co-op, or student intern' in their job descriptions, which will indicate whether the position is temporary or seeks a student enrolled in a university degree program. If you are uncertain whether the position will qualify, please speak to the program coordinator.

    Note: all internship positions require approval from the program coordinator before you accept the internship and registration in the course.

    To receive approval, the internship offer must include the following basic requirements:

    • A minimum of 16 weeks in duration for domestic positions (see below for international);
    • Internships can be greater than 4 months as 8, 12 or 16-month placement intervals are common with employers;
    • Full-time hours consecutively totaling 560 hours for domestic, typically 35 hours per week (see below for international);
    • Remuneration or offer an equivalent such as an honorarium, stipend, or expenses for travel and/or accommodations paid for by the employer.
  • Does the internship position have to match with my Major or program?

    In most cases, the internship placement should align with your program of study and interests/skills you are seeking to develop. In order to be successful during the interview process, the employer will be looking for a student that has some understanding of the industry and job function you are applying to. See scenarios provided below.

    Scenario 1:  A student majors in marketing and is interested in other business areas
    • The internship position does not specifically need to be marketing. Since multiple business units tend to integrate and overlap in roles such as accounting, finance and business intelligence (these roles typically require a combination of finance and marketing skills), this does not mean that you are restricted to your area of specialization.
    Scenario 2:  A student majors in game development and has it programming skills
    • In principle, this would be fine, as the it role may require a significant skills set in a specific program language or area of it that the game development student may already possess.

    Ultimately, the internship experience must benefit you! It should give you exposure to an industry and job area that you may want to consider as a future career.

    As part of the internship graded course deliverables, you are to write and discuss your learning outcomes from the job experience and make connections back to your program of study at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Therefore, the job you have should mirror what you are studying so you can concisely report on your experiential learning, and how it has affected you both positively and negatively.

  • I found my own internship placement, what should I do?

    Students are encouraged to seek out their own internship work placement. If you have registered to the internship job board, you will see a variety of approved postings during the fall, winter, and summer semesters.

    Note: as many employers no longer directly contact institutions to post positions, you are encouraged to visit company career portals that interest you.

    While you are job searching, or if you already found an internship position, been interviewed or hired, you must send the job description or links to the internship program coordinator for approval ( The coordinator will respond to confirm the job is suitable for your internship.

    For any further questions, clarifications or concerns, contact the program coordinator.

  • Do I have to be an approved internship student in order to maintain my employment status with a company?
    Yes. Under the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s non-academic student conduct policy, misrepresentation constitutes a breach of ethical misconduct. This means, if you did not register in the internship course, you are misrepresenting yourself as an internship student to the employer. In most cases, the hiring organization will require proof of registration from the program coordinator.
  • Does the hiring company provide workplace insurance coverage?
    Yes. Under the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), coverage for Ontario post-secondary students who are on paid placements, are to be insured under general accidental and liability insurance by the hiring organization. If you are unsure of what the default insurance covers, you should ask your hiring manager or employer human resources representative for this information.
  • If I already completed the internship course and want to pursue a second internship placement, will I receive a course credit?

    Yes. You may register in a second internship course, contingent on approval of the internship job and you meet the academic requirements. The same rules apply:

    • You must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time you are hired; and,
    • You cannot end your degree program while on internship.

    We recommend that you first speak with your academic advisor to determine where the additional 3-credit course will fit within your program map, if you are considering a second internship for course credit. For some students, this may be a general business elective, but for others it may result in a technical elective.

International Internship Information