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From research to reality

Studies by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada confirm that university research is a powerful motivation for economic development, producing measurable increases in gross domestic product and employment.  Beyond that, university-led research has the potential to make positive changes within society and improve quality of life.

Our faculty members are committed to research that can be translated into reality. They continue to demonstrate this commitment through their research outcomes. They are achieving this by:

  • Targeting research within areas that are important to Canada's economic health and social infrastructure.
  • Engaging in strategic collaborations with key research and industry partners within our region as well as nationally and internationally.
  • Training the next generation of highly qualified personnel through our leading-edge graduate and postdoctoral fellow programs.
  • Actively engaging in diverse approaches to the transfer of new knowledge via spinoff companies, licensing and research-partner training.

The unique blend of undergraduate and graduate research emphasized at our university and faculty provides a broader foundation and grasp of the multi-faceted problems faced today by members of society. The excitement of addressing these problems in the context of business or career interests adds a dimension to the educational experience found in few universities around the world.

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