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Ken Finney

Office: Business and Information Technology building, Room 2022

Ken Finney has more than 25 years of software and firmware engineering experience in advanced technology development including:

  • 3D situational-awareness technology for armoured fighting vehicles for the Department of National Defence
  • High-speed document scanning; and
  • Nuclear NDE systems design and creation.
Ken is a GarageGames Associate (Torque Game Engine) developer, and author of several game development-related textbooks, including the highly successful 3D Game Programming All In One (first and second Editions). He teaches Game Design, Game Art and Game Development at UOIT and the Art Institute of Toronto (AiTO). He is the co-owner and founder of TubettiWorld Games, Inc (, an Ontario-based game development company founded in 1995 and incorporated in 2008 by Ken and Jacquie Finney. The team at TubettiWorld Games was responsible for delivering Mattel's Hot Wheels: Race the World game in 2008. TubettiWorld Games also designed, built and hosted the TubettiWorld Online Campaign multiplayer simulated war game from 1998 to 2002.
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