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Academic information

Are you a Game Development and Entrepreneurship student in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology (IT), and are you planning for your courses? Take advantage of the support offered to you by your academic advisor. Your advisor will provide you with the help and support required to aid you in making informed decisions about your academic plan.

Your advisor can provide you with program checklists and course schedules to assist you as you progress through your program. Designed to be used together, checklists and course schedules will help you select the courses required to progress towards the completion of your degree.

Checklists and course schedules are distributed to students as a guide for course planning assistance. It is the responsibility of the students to confirm current prerequisite and course requirements for their degree program.

Students are always advised to meet with their academic advisor regularly to ensure they are meeting graduation requirements.

For more information, please contact Brianna McKay, Academic Advisor, IT.

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